Margaret Nevett

Registered Horticultural Therapist

Gardening For Life 

Horticultural Therapy Consulting

Margaret Nevett HTR

Margaret Nevett is an experienced and enthusiastic Horticultural Therapy practitioner and educator.

Gardening For Life provides Horticultural Therapy consultation and individualized programs to:

  • Explore and demonstrate the many benefits of using horticulture for therapy, rehabilitation and wellness.
  • Educate and assist in the development of Horticultural Therapy programs
  • Encourage partnerships for research and innovation using horticulture as therapy

What is Horticultural Therapy?

Building on that special connection between people and plants, Horticultural Therapy uses gardening and plant related activities, in professionally conducted programs, to improve people’s physical, cognitive, emotional and social functioning.

Gardening For Life collaborated with director Ron Meraska to create and produce the video
Horticulture As Therapy
"Horticultural Therapy is using horticulture as a tool to develop a relationship with clients to improve their cognitive, physical, social and behavioral functioning.” 
Mitchell Hewson HTM  - 

“Horticultural Therapy is planned, it’s deliberate and it’s documented.”
Christine Pollard  HTM - Home Farm, Duncan, B.C.

“I hear so many times… ‘Oh, I can’t garden anymore’ and the response is Never give it up, just change your thinking about what a garden is.”
Nancy Lee-Colibaba - HT Coordinator Royal Botanical Gardens, Hamilton, ON  

Thank you to all who promote Horticultural Therapy!